Making of the Film

A Day Late in Oakland was produced in the documentary film program at the Graduate School of Journalism at the University of California, Berkeley. Zachary Stauffer began researching the story and reaching out to participants in the weeks following Chauncey Bailey’s August 2007 murder. Production on the film began later that fall. Department rules permit only ten full shooting days, so in that time, Stauffer and several classmates shot the film in Oakland, San Francisco, Detroit, and New York City. Post-production began in January 2008 and the film was complete the following June.

In addition to the classmates who critiqued the project at all stages of the filmmaking process, many others also contributed their talents to A Day Late in Oakland. Judy Richardson, a Boston-based documentary producer, narrated the film. Jen Wang, a doctoral candidate in UC Berkeley’s music department, wrote the score. Filmmakers Jon Else, the head of the documentary program at Berkeley, Stanley Nelson, and Jean-Philippe Boucicaut served as creative advisers. Sociologist Benjamin Bowser of Cal State University East Bay and historian Ula Taylor of UC Berkeley were content advisers.

In the weeks after Bailey’s murder, several Bay Area news organizations and journalism institutions gathered together and created the Chauncey Bailey Project. Modeled after the Arizona Project, which formed after the 1976 killing of Arizona Republic reporter Don Bolles, the group vowed to investigate all aspects of Bailey’s death. A Day Late in Oakland was produced independently of the project’s efforts, but several reporters and editors with the organization were participants in the film.

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