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Thanks to:
The Chauncey Bailey Project
Catherine Beer
Lowell Bergman
Cecily Burt
Bob Butler
Chrysler Elementary School
Patrick Coleman
Bestor Cram
Reginald Duhe
Rob Gunnison
Neil Henry
Dale Jenne
Sue Ellen McCann
Derrick Nesbitt
Laura Oda
Oakland Film Office
Cliff Parker
Lara Paukovits
Nathan Paukovits
Thomas Peele
Kathleen Richards
Fred Robinson
Robert Rosenthal
Brian Samuels
Amy Marie Smith
Dianne Stauffer
Jack Stauffer
Thomas Stauffer
Leonard Stephens
Steve Talbot
Sue Taylor
Marlena Telvick
Heather Tuggle
Matt Winick
Vernon Whitmore
Bryant Woods
Patricia Woods
Kurt Zimmerman

Made possible in part by a grant from:
Margaret and Will Hearst
Graduate School of
      Journalism, University of
      California, Berkeley
Produced in the Graduate School of
      Journalism, University of
      California, Berkeley

Copyright 2008, Zachary Stauffer
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